What’s happening with our budget?

While we wish we had more to report to you regarding legislative action and education funding, there still has been little progress down at the state capitol. The following report from Wayne Haddy, Iowa AEA Government Relations Specialist, provides the latest:

“It has been awhile since a report was sent out and in reality there has been very little to report.  I’d like to say there is an end in sight, but unless something changes quickly it does not appear that there is.

On June 8, House Republicans are bringing forward an omnibus bill that includes all legislative determined budgets and language dealing with what would be considered “social issues.”  The bill will provide for a two-year budget and included in that budget is a growth factor of 0% for the next fiscal year and 2% for FY 2012-13. Unfortunately, the bill also includes a $20 million cut to AEAs for each of the next two years. Unless something unexpected occurs over the next day or so, we fully expect the bill to pass.

We have met with legislative leaders and have prepared a great deal of information detailing the impact of such cuts.  It does not seem to have made any difference on the House side as they continue to pursue the Governor’s recommendation of $20 million.

We are also assuming at this point that the Senate will either refuse to consider this bill or will take it up, reject many parts of it and send back to the House.

Also, on Monday, Brent Siegrist made a presentation on the impact of the cuts to the Senate Education Appropriations sub-committee.”

Wayne Haddy, AEA Government Relations, 515-249-0740, whaddy@gwaea.org


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