Guidelines for Discussion Forums and Blogs

All discussion forums/blogs on this website are moderated by an employee of Central Rivers AEA. This means your messages and comments are not posted without advance editorial review and permission. This may mean that there is a delay in the posting of your message. All moderators have the right to edit/delete postings at his/her discretion. Any messages you post will stay available to the public for as long as this discussion board is online. If we edit a post and you do not like the changes, we will delete the message at your request.

Discussion forums/blogs and comments are places for teaching, mentoring, helping, networking, and, yes, disagreeing. Differences of opinion are healthy to discussion forums; however, if you disagree with someone else’s viewpoint, be as objective as possible when replying. Members should never post comments or remarks that are defamatory, obscene, profane, threatening or spiteful. Personal attacks are never appropriate.

There are a few general rules that you should follow when posting a message or comment:

  • When posting a new message to a discussion forum, construct a subject heading that is clear and intuitive to your subject.
  • With respect to your message or comment, be concise and stay on topic.
  • Please refrain from posting personal messages. If you wish to discuss something off-topic with another contributor, obtain their email from the “Contact Us” directory and continue your discussion outside the forum.
  • Pick the right forum for your message. Don’t post the same message on more than one forum.
  • Personal attacks are not permitted.
  • Foul language and obscene images will not be posted. This is a family-friendly site.

Copyrighted Material
All too often, copyrighted content from independent online sources is posted to listservs and discussion boards. As tempting and stimulating to a discussion as it might be, it is a violation of United States copyright law to cut and paste copyrighted material from other publications into your discussion or comment unless you have obtained advance permission to do so. We suggest two alternatives: 1) summarize articles and other writings along with a few sentences, provided you cite its source; and/or 2) post the URL to the copyrighted material in the body of your message.

Discussion forums/blogs and comments are intended for the exchange of ideas, not self-promotion and marketing (also known as “spam”) of products and services. If, however, you are aware of an independent product or service that would assist another member, it is appropriate to make that product or service known.

Commercial content as either direct or indirect attempt to solicit customers through a forum post will be edited or deleted. AEA 267 reserves the right to include limited commercial content in the forum at its sole discretion. Classified advertising is NOT permitted.

Opinion and Professional Advice
Opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of AEA 267. Likewise, material posted to discussion forums/blogs and comments is not intended to be legal advice. Readers should always seek competent counsel prior to relying on any information posted herein.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding discussion forums/blogs, comments and these policies, please feel free to direct them to bstrike@aea267.k12.ia.us.

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