Lead time appreciated

AEA 267 print and production staff are doing a masterful job of keeping up with requests at this busy time of year. Still, there are simple things we can all do to make their job easier. Whenever possible, and especially given this time of year, please remember to provide ample lead time in requests.

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6 Responses to Lead time appreciated

  1. Justin Stockdale says:

    To all our print and production team members…..you’re the best! Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you’ve done for our team at AEA 267-Bremwood this fall!

  2. Kim Swartz says:

    I agree with Justin, our print and prodution team members are absolutely the best. I’m espeially partial to the Marshalltown team, but have had the Clear Lake and Cedar Falls personnel do work as well. It’s always done quickly and very professionally. Thank you!

  3. Nancy Lockett says:

    Just wanted to add to the kudos to the print and production staff. Your professionalism and dedication to doing the requested work makes us all look good. Thanks for all you have done for me!


  4. Belinda Blackburn says:

    I’ve always received prompt and courteous service from the print shop! They even tell me when something needs polishing and help me make the best of the product. They constantly tell me their job is to make us look good…AND THEY DO!

  5. Annalisa Miner says:

    Our staff is extremely helpful, prompt and flexible. The work they do is very fine-tuned and professional. We are so fortunate to have them! Thanks for all your help!

  6. Sandee Gavagan says:

    I for one, being in the printshop in Marshalltown would like to thank all of the customers that come through our doors. Most of you are very understanding about the time that it can take to finish your job the right way. We are fortunate to have 1 print shop with 3 doors, yes there is some distance in between these doors, and with great appreciation I for one would like to thank the van drivers that get to carry all of the printing in between the three doors. So THANK YOU ALL.

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