AEA 267 staff member named “Partner of the Year”

Congratulations to Kevin Scharper, AEA 267 School Social Worker, who was honored as “Partner of the Year” by the north Iowa regional Vocational Rehabilitation office. Scharper was honored on Friday, October 24, as part of a celebration of Disability Employment Month in Forest City, Iowa.

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11 Responses to AEA 267 staff member named “Partner of the Year”

  1. Anne Magnuson says:

    Congratulations, Kevin.

  2. Miriam Simpson says:

    Kevin, you can always be counted on to go the extra mile – Congratulations!

  3. Carolyn Borger says:

    Way to go Kevin! Congratulations

  4. Dawn Jaeger says:

    Congratulations Kevin. Thanks for all you do for kids, families and schools.

  5. Mary Kidwiler Moritz says:

    Congratulations, Kevin! 🙂

  6. Renae Roberts says:

    Congratulations, Kevin!
    Renae Roberts

  7. Kevin Scharper says:

    Thanks to everyone who has sent words of congratulations and encouragement to me. I truly am overwhelmed and had no idea there was such an award. Ironically, I had e-mailed several of you to make sure you showed up to support the Forest City High School on being “the Partnering Agency of the Year” (and you did) only to find out that I was being surprised with the “Partner of the Year Award”.

    Our goal at the FCHS is to have every graduate with special instruction/needs connected to a job, training, college, or post-secondary learning/working opportunity before they leave high school. We are taking many needed steps to see this happen in the years to come. Much thanks goes to the wonderful partnership that the Forest City High School has developed with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the employers in our area. I work with great people who want to see students be successful in the real world after high school. Thanks again for all your support as these goals are not met without everyone working together!

    Kevin Scharper

  8. Jody Albertson says:

    Congratulations, Kevin. You have worked so hard to improve transition services. Well done!

  9. Deb Price says:

    Congrats Kevin! I know you work hard at the FCHS!

  10. Barb Ruiter says:

    Way to go Kevin,
    I know you have a caring and loving attitude towards the students you serve. You deserve this award.
    Your reaction at the ceremony was priceless.

  11. Mary Beshir says:

    Congratulations. Mary Beshir

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