New weather announcement procedures for 2008-09

The agency has adopted new announcement procedures for weather related office closings and professional development cancellations as of October 1, 2008:

  1. Each hub office (Clear Lake, Marshalltown and Cedar Falls) will operate independently when deciding to close or not.
  2. Each office has designated staff assigned to make the decision.
  3. When an office is closed, all activities and events scheduled at the office are cancelled.
  4. No late starts for events, activities or professional development learning opportunities.

Closings and cancellations will be announced via:

  1. Local television and radio stations.
  2. Under “Latest News” on the agency’s website.
  3. Cell phone text message or email from Snowcaponline, an automated web-based service.
  4. The official agency announcements line at 1-866-923-1089.

Staff who facilitate professional development opportunities are asked to include the weather announcement information blurb found on the staff website [login: aeastaff/password: aea267ia] on all flyers and brochures. Other helpful resources are available on this page including a link to road conditions.


  • Directions for signing up with to receive automated text messages or email alerts. **Please note that the agency will not be using Iowa School Alerts for announcements this year.**
  • Every professional development flyer or brochure published by the agency should include official weather announcement information. Graphic artists will help to ensure that this information is included.
  • Information (including policy) from the Personnel Office related to weather.
  • Agency procedures for announcing an office closing or an event, activity or professional development cancellation.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF forms.
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

To view current road conditions across the state of Iowa, please visit the Iowa State Patrol’s Iowa Winter Road Conditions website.

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3 Responses to New weather announcement procedures for 2008-09

  1. Kristy Williamson says:

    I tried to sign up for the Snowcap service to email me if AEA office is closed, and it did not work.

  2. bstrike says:

    Thanks for writing, Kristy. Try again but this time search under “school” rather than “business” when you type in AEA 267. Snowcap has reassigned us to “school” status. The directions have now been updated on the website.

  3. Sandee Gavagan says:

    When setting up for snowcap you must have a space between the aea and the 267.

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