Tips for receiving weather announcements

Last week brought our first opportunity to test the agency’s new weather announcement system. While the system worked well, here are a few reminders for next time. (And since this is Iowa, we know there will undoubtedly be a next time!)

  1. If you want to receive automated email/text messages about AEA 267 office closings or PD cancellations, register at Snowcap. You will need to follow the process through to the end by confirming your registration with the confirmation ID sent to you. Without this step, your registration won’t be complete and messages won’t arrive. This is a great system that works well for those who want the information instantaneously.
  2. The AEA 267 announcements line is up and running. Announcements for the Clear Lake, Cedar Falls and Marshalltown offices are available by following the prompts. Call 1-866-923-1089.
  3. Decisions about closings or PD cancellations are made as quickly as possible in the morning. Please be patient as conditions are monitored.
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  1. Linda Gleissner says:

    Thank you for establishing a process for cancellations from weather. It is very much appreciated from both the instructor’s point of view as well as a participant. I applaud your work! Thank the people that make the decisions! Linda Gleissner

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