Statewide campaign to raise awareness for AEAs underway

“Iowa’s AEAs …. Impacting Lives” is the theme of a campaign that kicked off March 2 to further the awareness and understanding about Iowa AEA services. The campaign will include feature ads on cable TV’s “Discovery,” “Food Network” and “Nickelodeon.” The 30-second ads will focus on the following three themes:

The campaign also includes a variety of other strategies, including articles in school newsletters, posting on blogs for Iowa parents, radio public service announcements and public service announcements on local access cable channels. Legislators were also welcomed at a coffee in the rotunda at the State Capitol building.

At the same time a new statewide logo is being introduced. A consistent visual identity is an important element of an organization’s communication plan. Print or online materials are often the first introduction individuals have to the Iowa AEA system. The updated logo features the letters AEA and the words, Iowa Area Education Agencies, and the AEA tagline, “Partners in Education,” in the AEA colors of maroon and gold.

Along with the new logo, a revision to the AEA Graphic Identification Guidelines has been completed and has been posted to the Iowa AEA website at

The campaign is supported by funds received from the Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC), an initiative of Iowa’s Area Education Agencies. The IEC provides a statewide voluntary purchasing program for K-12 schools.

All materials were prepared with support from the AEA Communications Committee. For more information, please contact Beth Strike, AEA 267 Communication Specialist.

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One Response to Statewide campaign to raise awareness for AEAs underway

  1. Brenda Rust says:

    I’ve often wondered why aea support staff are not pictured in local newspapers along with the pictures of the school teachers each fall. If they were, they would really be part of the school!

    Brenda Rust

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