Iowa Department of Education launches new information site

The Iowa Department of Education has launched Intersect, a new web site providing research on education issues based on Iowa-specific information. Intersect can be found at

The research is conducted by Iowa Department of Education analysts to help educators make informed decisions. The primary research is not peer-reviewed, but is based on the work conducted by the department to study variables affecting education in Iowa.

Data is part of Iowa’s history in education. For more than a decade, the department has collected information about Iowa schools. It provides multiple reports to the public on topics such as student performance on statewide tests, enrollment numbers, graduation rates and more. With Intersect, the data are analyzed to become truly informative; revealing trends and unveiling critical elements to answers. Current research papers on the site include:

District Characteristics: What Factors Impact Student Achievement?
The Relation Between District Size And Student Achievement: Summary
Iowa’s Growth Model Incorporated Into Decisions About Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

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