April 09 Intersections Podcast

This is our first attempt at making the Intersections available via podcast to allow people to listen to the content rather than read it.

You may play the podcast by clicking the “play” sympbol ( > ) on this page, choose to listen to the podcast in a new browser window, or choose to download the file. If you wish to download and listen to the podcast later, possibly after copying to your mp3 or iPod player; you will notice that there is about a 30 second delay before the file actually starts to download.

Your web browser may be set to start playing the podcast after it has been downloaded, but you can also choose to just download the file and listen to it later.

Please comment regarding how useful you find this podcast format to be.

If you have questions, contact Larry Niebur- lniebur@aea267.k12.ia.us or 641-357-6125.

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