Over 91% of educators surveyed say AEA 267 meets their professional needs

Over 91% of educators who responded to a recent Iowa Department of Education survey say that Area Education Agency 267 (AEA 267) services meet their professional needs. The survey, which has 11 basic questions about AEA services, yielded nearly 2,200 responses or about 42% of the educators served by the agency.

Other results include:

  • 86% of educators say that AEA 267 staff maintain good working relationships
  • 85% of educators indicate that AEA 267 staff have the knowledge and skills needed to have a positive impact on their school
  • 84% of educators say that AEA services have assisted in improving their classroom instruction and/or job-related practices
  • 80% of educators believe AEA 267 is responsive to their local student learning needs
  • 80% of educators indicate that AEA 267 delivers current and timely services.

“I know large corporations that would be thrilled to get a 91% approval rating from their customers,” said Dr. Dean Meier, AEA 267 Chief Administrator. “It’s almost unheard of. We have some of the best staff in the state of Iowa and this just confirms that.”

It’s no secret that the agency has struggled with declining resources and funding at the same time that the demand for AEA 267 services is increasing. The economy and declining enrollment in local school districts, a key factor in AEA funding, has played a role.

“Like the local schools we serve, we are challenged every day with trying to maintain quality in light of fewer resources. Our staff members are rising to the challenge.”

The Iowa Department of Education AEA customer feedback survey is administered to all Iowa educators annually.

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