Iowa State Board of Ed delivers official news: AEA 267 is fully accredited!

The Iowa State Board of Education issued full accreditation status to Area Education Agency 267 (AEA 267) at their regular board meeting held Wednesday, September 9. The accredited status indicates that the agency has met all requirements for services designated by Chapter 72 of the Iowa Administrative Code.

“As an agency, we take the accreditation process very seriously and use it as an important way to receive feedback about our strengths and challenges,” said Dr. Dean Meier, AEA 267 chief administrator. “We are confident that our services are of the highest quality and this designation by the State Board of Education affirms that.”

Every five years, each of Iowa’s 10 Area Education Agencies (AEAs) undergoes an intensive review of services designed to ensure that the agencies are meeting all requirements. The process includes interviews with representative local school personnel as well as agency staff members. Local school districts go through a similar process.

Among a number of strengths noted by the accreditation review team, the agency was applauded for taking a leadership role in key areas including special education, school improvement, school media, and serving students for whom English is a second language.

For a full copy of the findings, visit the agency website at and click on “About Us” and then “Continuous Improvement.”

For information related to Iowa AEA accreditation, visit the Iowa Department of Education website at

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