Good things happening at Devonshire

AEA 267 staff members representing the Special Education records department in Cedar Falls donated personal care products (cologne, Chapstick, deodorant, shampoo, nail polish, lotions), winter wear (socks, gloves, hats, scarves), food, and more to students at AEA 267 Devonshire school. The donation provided a needed boost to the school store and students were able to use their behavior points to stock up on items before the winter break.

Another recent donation came from Hartman Reserve Nature Center. Staff there requested help from naturalists and park rangers across the state for new and gently used books for the AEA 267 Devonshire library. The response was tremendous and the school received over 900 books. Also donated were five bookcases and a check to buy additional books. Students helped move the boxes of books into the school and were requesting check out before they were even inventoried.

“The generosity of folks across our state blows me away,” said Paula Goetz, AEA 267 Devonshire principal.

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  1. Sandy Lawry says:

    Just a note to say “Thank you” to all the special education support staff and administration staff members who contributed to the donation box that was presented to Devonshire by the records department in Cedar Falls. Donations will be accepted throughout the rest of the school year and can be dropped into the Devonshire donation box in the Cedar Falls records room.

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