Results from agency Internal Needs Assessment are in

Nearly 600 AEA 267 staff members (599 or 51.9%) participated in the 2010 Internal Needs Assessment Survey. The number of responses is up from 355 the year before. This annual survey, administered through the AEA 267 Comprehensive Improvement and Assessment office, is designed to gather responses from staff around nine questions related to continuous improvement and meeting district needs. Overall responses were positive and indicated a variety of themes including concerns over workload, time management and paperwork requirements. Read the Executive Summary of AINAS 2010 today to learn more.

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2 Responses to Results from agency Internal Needs Assessment are in

  1. Patricia Notestine says:

    I am curious as to how the Agency uses this information to guide changes within the Agency?

  2. Dean Meier says:

    At a recent all administrative meeting the survey results were reviewed. Each service area will be analyzing the comments through a theme analysis and will be considering possible needed changes.

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