Agency Facebook, Twitter sites continue to grow

Are you a “fan” of AEA 267 on Facebook yet? Are you “following” AEA 267 on Twitter? If you haven’t already heard, the agency has joined legions of businesses and organizations that have established a presence on each of these popular social networking sites.

“Over 150 million users visit Facebook on a daily basis,” said Beth Strike, Communications Specialist. “While it first gained in popularity as a personal networking site, more and more organizations are finding that Facebook is a great way to solicit success stories and support.”

Followers of the agency on Twitter will find short bursts (140 characters or less) of news and information shared throughout the week. “Twitter allows people to quickly scan headlines from a variety of sources and delve into those stories that interest them the most. We want to be included in what people are finding there.”

In order to keep “fans” and “followers” interested, your help is needed in submitting stories and news to share. Please review the agency’s strategic plans for AEA 267 Facebook and Twitter plans and contact Beth┬áStrike with suggestions for content.

Wondering how you can become a fan? Simply go to the agency’s website and look under “Social Networking” in the bottom left corner. You will need to create a free account for both sites to officially join, which takes just a few minutes.

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2 Responses to Agency Facebook, Twitter sites continue to grow

  1. d. hummel says:

    don’t you think it is somewhat ironic that the Agency is requesting that we join a social networking web site that is banned by the Agency’s web filter?

  2. Jerry Schnabel says:

    Generally, the Agency does not block access to social networking sites. We
    recognize that social networking is playing a more prevalent role in the
    professional arena. Still, some of our work settings may have limited access
    where students are present and access has presented concerns. This is an
    issue that will continue to be examined. If you are having difficulty with
    access, please contact me directly.

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