June board meeting recap

The AEA 267 Board of Directors met June 2, 2010 at 4 p.m. at the AEA 267 Conference Center for their regular meeting.

During the meeting, the board:

  • Welcomed newly elected board member, David Giese, who was administered the Oath of Office by Board Secretary Kerri Wilson.
  • Accepted with regret the retirement of Paula Goetz, Special Education Principal (Devonshire School) effective August 1, 2010; Gayle Anderson, Special Education Consultant (Hampton) effective June 30, 2010; and Tom Adams, School Social Worker (Lenihan); effective December 31, 2010.
  • Accepted with regret the resignations of Rebecca Eness, Speech-Language Pathologist (Clear Lake); Dennis Ford, School Psychologist (Castle Hill); Heidi Podhajsky, Speech-Language Pathologist (Reinbeck Elem); Kathy Kline, Teacher of Multi Disabilities-Resources (Sumner/Fredericksburg High School); Michelle Unwin, Teacher of Multi Disabilities-Special Class w/Integration (LaPorte City Elem.); Cynthia Lang, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Devonshire); Jeanne Sexe, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Devonshire); Dan Hummel, Teacher of  Behavioral Disorders (Devonshire); Susan Goodsell, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Devonshire); Jamie Hickman, Teacher of Physical Education (Devonshire); and Jeanna Cripe, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders all effective end of the 2009-10 school year.
  • Recalled the following staff to employment: Randy Etscheidt, Teacher of Physical Education (River Hills); Timothy Malven, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Bremwood); Sarah Rottinghaus, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Castle Hill); Jack Smith, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Castle Hill); Katheryn Stainbrook, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Castle Hill); Penny Sturges, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (Four Oaks, Gerard); William Aguiar, Teacher of Behavioral Disorders (TBD).
  • Heard the first reading of revised board policy #402.2: Health Insurance for former employees.
  • Heard the first reading of new board policy #101.6 Advisory Committees.
  • Renewed agreement with Iowa Falls CSD for Sector Office lease.
  • Held a strategy session for collective bargaining.
  • Ratified collective bargaining contracts for 2010-2011 with AEA 267 Education Association and CWA.
  • Held an exempt session to discuss non-union staff and administrative salaries for 2010-2011.

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