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What is RSS?

RSS most commonly refers to Really Simple Syndication.  It is a format for delivering regularly changing or updated web content from sites of your choosing. (RSS in Plain English is a video that provides a clear and simple explanation of RSS for those that want further explanation:

How to Read an RSS Feed

You will need an RSS feed reader or aggregator to grab, or subscribe, to an RSS feed.  There are multiple RSS readers available. In fact, most web browsers now have RSS readers built in to them.

Firefox PC (referred to as Live Bookmarks)

Firefox Mac (referred to as Live Bookmarks)

Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer 8


Google Reader –  Google Reader is one of the more popular RSS readers.  The following link is a Getting Started Guide for Google Reader:

Questions? Contact Deb Versteeg, AEA 267 Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator.

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