AEA Contact Manager tool more powerful than ever

Last spring, the agency provided employees with a new tool that allows them to selectively target local school district staff members when sending email. By October 1, a wide variety of choices for targeting AEA 267 staff with email will also be available. This will greatly enhance communication internally!

Here’s an example: You are a member of the agency literacy team and you want to send out an email message and flyer to the following groups of local school district staff members—high school principals, secondary language arts/English teachers, journalism teachers and speech teachers in every district served by the agency. Because you want to ensure that other agency staff members who need to know about the offering do, you include AEA 267 team representatives and speech and language staff in your mailing as well. Just like that, you have ensured that the key audiences for your information were targeted.

Need more information?  Visit the staff website (username: aeastaff/password: aea267ia) at

Would your group like a demonstration of AEA Contact Manager? Contact Beth Strike, Communication Specialist or Deb Culp, Administrative Assistant/IT.

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