Waterloo CSD has a dress code…what does that mean for us?

Many of you are aware that the Waterloo Community School District approved a district dress code policy.  The policy sets forth very specific rules about the type of clothing that is acceptable for both students and staff. Approximately 75 agency employees are assigned to the Waterloo Community School District and many other staff members will work periodically in Waterloo CSD buildings as the district’s needs require. While not mandatory, our staff will also be expected to adhere to the district’s new standards for dress in keeping with our desire to be collaborative partners with the districts we serve and do what we can to be part of the team. Most likely the dress code represents little, if any, departure in practice of dress for AEA 267 staff members as dressing professionally has always been a hallmark of our staff. If you are interested in looking at the specifics of the Waterloo CSD dress code, please refer to the district’s website.


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