A message from the chief

Chief Administrator Roark Horn has been on the job since July 1. He has prepared a special video message for staff!

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2 Responses to A message from the chief

  1. Drinda Williams says:

    Just wanted to say I really like the podcast. It lends a personal touch–makes me think of FDR and his fireside chats (not that I’m old enough to have heard them!). The Literacy Team will be doing a podcast to kick off our PD this year, and I’m looking forward to using the new technology.

    Drinda Williams

  2. Julie Graber says:

    I too enjoyed listening to you speak about yourself and what you plan to do this year as the new AEA 267 chief. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you in person but hope to do so in the near future. Good Luck!


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