Agency crisis team serves Grundy Center teachers, students

Members of the AEA 267 crisis team were called into action last week when a long-time elementary teacher in the Grundy Center Community School District died suddenly. Tragically, the teacher was just 36 years old and both students and adults in the school system were understandably impacted. Crisis team members provided counsel and support within hours of receiving the call for help. This service continues to be of great value to schools and team members are to be commended for representing the agency so professionally. Thank you!

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2 Responses to Agency crisis team serves Grundy Center teachers, students

  1. Justin Stockdale says:

    I can’t say enough about the positive support our Crisis Team provides individuals/school districts in times of need. Once again, this team hit a homerun. Great work everyone.

  2. Jacque Osgood says:

    As an AEA 267 support staff at GCHS, a Grundy Center community member, and a parent of a child in the GC school system, many heartfelt thanks to the members of the crisis team who offered their help during this awful time.

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