Do you make a difference?

Did that headline grab your attention? Of course you make a difference! Every day, AEA 267 staff members are doing incredible things to improve the lives of children and families and/or positively impact teaching and learning where they work. Beth Strike, your AEA 267 Communications Specialist, needs to hear from you so that she can publicize your efforts and continue to build advocacy for the AEA system. As a new Governor and Education Director (see related article) take the helm in Iowa, now more than ever AEA success stories are needed.

What makes a great success story? Stories have a better chance of attracting news media interest when they meet one or more of the following criteria: (1.) the story is current; (2.) there is a local angle; (3.) well-known organizations or people are involved from the community–could be a partnership we have with another organization; (4.) there is something “unique” or different about the story (this really helps!); (5.) the story has a “human” element to it to grab the reader/viewer’s attention (perfect for the type of stories we have to share); (6.) there is some conflict involved (typically not stories we like to involve ourselves in); and/or (7.) the story topic presents something completely new.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • What has happened in the past month, six months or year that is new, different or relevant in the way the service or program you are involved in is delivered, received or administered?
  • Can we provide a case study (with names) of a student, family, teacher or AEA staff person that exemplifies an agency service/program? Keep in mind that we need people who are very willing to share their story.
  • Have you won a significant award in your field?
  • Can a development in one of our services tie into a well-known week, day or event?
  • Do you have a well-known expert coming to speak to educators or others?
  • What significant projects are we partnering with other organizations on?
  • Is there a trend that we could provide comment on?

Remember to contact Beth Strike to make all contacts with the news media. Your story ideas are welcome!

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