Changes in IT support for personal “smartphones”

With more and more agency staff members purchasing so called “smartphones” (Droids, iPhones, etc.) for their own personal use, an increased expectation has been placed on our Information Technology staff to configure the devices to receive agency email. In a perfect world, our agency would have the capacity to keep up with all the requests. Unfortunately, given the myriad of brands, models and carriers and the amount of time involved in troubleshooting each device, IT staff are simply not able to keep up with the demand. Given this, the IT staff will no longer be expected to configure personal phones or computers. If you would like to receive agency email on your personal smartphone, please contact your service provider or store where you purchased the device for support. As a reminder, remote access to agency email may or may not be supported on smartphones through the Outlook Web Access at You should be able to check your email through any web browser.

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