What does the public think about AEA services?

Learn more about the tools available to you on the staff website (username: aeastaff/password: aea267ia) to help tell the AEA 267 story.

Recently, the AEA Communications Committee conducted a communications audit to gather perception data from a variety of audiences about AEA services. Legislators, higher education officials, educators and parents were all surveyed. Here’s a summary of what the data found:

  • Contrary to the common belief that “people don’t know what the AEA does,” a theme across every audience was a high level of awareness about the AEA system and its purpose. This should be celebrated! Each audience indicated a high level of agreement with knowing the purpose of the AEA and an awareness of key services provided such as special education and teacher professional development. Over 800 parents from within the bounds of AEA 267 responded to the survey. Less than 20% of parent respondents identified themselves as parents of children receiving special education services.
  • When the data from the AEA Customer Feedback Survey was reviewed, it was noted that an extremely low percentage of respondents indicated that they did not use AEA services because they were “unaware” that services existed. Of those that said they were “unaware”, many of these respondents represent areas where AEA services have been more lightly focused (fine arts, PE, etc.).
  • Fewer respondents agreed that the AEAs were cost-efficient or could make the connection between AEA services and student achievement. This is a critical finding and key to focusing our communications efforts.

We need to continue to educate people about the role we play in boosting student achievement and the value of our services. We need “success stories” to share! Contact Beth Strike today with your ideas.

Finally, if you have an opportunity to speak to a group of laypeople about agency services, please be aware of the resources available to you in telling our story.

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