Agency will pilot Remote Work Site (RWS) and Temporary Work Site (TWS) programs for 2011-12

Guided by suggestions from staff members and AEA 267 administration, the agency will pilot two new programs which will provide eligible employees with an opportunity to work from their home on a temporary or more permanent basis.

The Remote Work Site (RWS) program is designed for those employees whose responsibilities are suited to conducting all of their office work at a remote site, such as their home office. In this type of arrangement, the employee retains access to shared AEA 267 office space when needed rather than maintain an assigned office.

The Temporary Work Site (TWS) program provides eligible employees with the flexibility to work remotely on an intermittent basis either because of inclement weather (when the employee had planned to work in the office) or to accommodate work on a special project.

Both programs are voluntary. A group of employees will participate in pilots based on their interest and eligibility.

For more information visit the RWS/TWS page on the staff website (login: aeastaff/password: aea267ia).


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