New video promotes AEA system

Although Iowa’s AEAs have been helping children, families and educators for over 35 years, this comment remains, “People still don’t know what we do at the AEA.” A new video and advocacy campaign is preparing to launch within the next few weeks. The stories in this video are shared by people who have first-hand experience with the services offered by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies

As an AEA staff member, you have an opportunity for a sneak peek at the new video. It can be viewed online at (The public launch with educators and other partners will occur on Monday, Nov. 14, which is the start of American Education Week.)

Feel free to share the advocacy campaign with others via Facebook, Twitter or email directly from the site! When you do share it, you help to ensure that Iowa’s AEAs will be there to support the children, families and educators of our state for many years to come.

Questions? Please contact Beth Strike or Dr. Roark Horn.

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  1. Jay Colsch says:

    All friends and neighbors need to see this video. Let them know what we do!

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