January board recap

The AEA 267 Board of Directors met January 4, 2012 at 6 p.m. in the AEA 267 Cedar Falls Conference Center for their regular meeting. During the meeting, the board:

  • Accepted the 2010-11 Audit Report. It was noted that the AEA 267 Business Office is doing excellent work and the agency had zero citations in the audit report.
  • Approved the 2012-13 proposed budget for publication.
  • Heard a report from Dr. Anne Sullivan on the remote worksite program. The board gave approval to continue the program and commended staff members involved in the pilot for their participation.
  • Heard a proposal from Dr. Mary Stevens on restructuring the sectors. (See related post and podcast.)
  • Approved retirements/resignations.
  • Approved the first reading of board policy 204.12 – Consent Agenda.
  • Approved the 2012 Extended School Year Calendar.
  • Approved the 2012-2013 Office Calendar.
  • Approved the Professional Development agreement with Drake University.
  • Increased the depository bank limit with Wells Fargo Bank.
  • Approved an agreement with Timberline Billing Services.
  • Approved an agreement with Marshalltown Community Schools for the Ladders to Learning Program.
  • Discussed a change to our agency name. (See related post.)
  • Discussed changing the date for the April meeting with the community colleges. The board decided to stay with their regular meeting on April 4 but also hold a special meeting with community college representatives on April 19 (time and location to be announced).
  • Heard a variety of reports from directors and fellow board members.

A strategy session for collective bargaining was held after the board meeting.

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