Dressing for success at work

Everyone wants to present the most professional image they can in the work place; and now more than ever, we want our educational partners (and our colleagues) to view us as the “leaders in learning” that we truly are. Still, most of us value the opportunity to be more casual occasionally. Although it is has been customary in some offices to enjoy a norm of “casual Fridays” we’d like to extend that approach agency-wide. Thus, if you are someone who enjoys dressing more casually, please feel comfortable doing so on Friday (and yes, this includes dressy jeans for those that enjoy them). Please use your professional judgment in choosing “casual professional” choices. On other days, the expectation for dress is “official professional” which does not include jeans. Thanks for your cooperation!

Note: Exceptions to casual Friday attire would include presenting to outside partners, following the dress norms or policies of the district you serve, participating on an interview committee, and/or other circumstances which warrant more formal attire.



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2 Responses to Dressing for success at work

  1. Mardith DeGroote says:

    Does this also apply to the ECSE teachers that go into family homes and are on the floors 90% of their days?? I feel that my casual dress helps me to be more accessable with young children and participate in modeling play/learning activites for parents.

  2. Beth Strike says:

    You are right, Mardith. In the case of ECSE teachers and some of our other positions, it does make more sense. Please visit with your supervisor. Exceptions do apply!

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