Important information about professional development

Do you want to participate in meaningful professional development? Good news! AEA 267 has compiled a list of additional professional development opportunities that are eligible for two days of educator quality funding based on your feedback.

This list includes:

  1. Current options available through the AEA 267 Professional Development system.
  2. Autism training in June
  3. Professional Learning Community (PLC) conference in June
  4. OT/PT State conference at Heartland AEA or in Ames (both in April)
  5. Diversity workshop in June
  6. Learning Teams on a variety of topics. Top identified choices include: Early Communication Skills in Children with Down Syndrome, Handwriting Without Tears, Working with Premature Infants, and ICN sessions for students with significant disabilities
  7. AEPS* (Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System for Infants and Children)

Thanks to all who shared ideas for these new learning opportunities! The results can be viewed below:

For more information, contact your sector coordinator, supervisor or Kim Neal, AEA 267 Site Superintendent.

*More information to follow.

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