Change in mileage “start point” calculation

A change in how mileage start points are calculated should ensure fair reimbursement for professional travel for staff in light of some new assignments. The contract states that the distance from an employee’s home to “the nearest assigned place of employment” is the mileage subtraction for determining mileage reimbursement. This week in Administrative Cabinet, the group made a decision to interpret “nearest assigned place of employment” as one of the following, whichever is the most advantageous for staff:

  1. The distance from home to the current assigned office; or
  2. The distance from home to the mileage start point from last year; or
  3. The distance from home to a building in a current assigned district.

Every employee will have the same mileage subtraction or less than last year. Every day the subtraction will be the same most advantageous subtraction regardless of whether you are heading to that site or not.


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