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Last week the AEA Communications Committee met to determine actions regarding communications and advocacy for the AEA system. As a system we are working to create a collaborative, Iowa AEA social media site that showcases visual, best practices in education organized around key services of the AEA. We want to accomplish this by using Pinterest, a virtual pinboard, where an increasing number of educators, administrators, districts, and universities are already contributing. As a result, the connections that we make on Pinterest will lead to an increased awareness about the value of the AEA system, demonstrate the strength of our collaboration as a system, and showcase the skills and expertise of our staff.

We know that some AEA 267 staff use Pinterest to create boards with educational resources, ideas and best practices. We want to invite you to share and collaborate using the system Pinterest boards. Contact Beth Strike if you are interested in participating. We need your contributions!

Iowa AEAs on Pinterest:


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