iVisions expense reimbursement module now ready!

The iVisions expense reimbursement module is now ready! It is located under the My Toolbox menu item. This is the required method for submitting reimbursement requests effective Monday, September 9th Requests that have already been submitted for August are being manually processed, no further action on your part is necessary. Although the instructions are archived in the portal, a courtesy copy can also be downloaded here.

The AEA 267 Monthly Mileage and Travel Reimbursement Claim form (located at the bottom of the Travel policy in My Toolbox) must be completed before submitting a request in iVisions. The form has been modified to account for regular travel separate from professional learning travel. You will simply enter the total dollar amounts for each type of reimbursement. The date range should be the first through the end of the month. Please save the completed form to your desktop. The form will be attached to the request in iVisions along with any required receipts.

Other Expense Reimbursement information:

  • Requests route directly to your supervisor, similar to Leave Requests.
  • Annual Cell Phone Stipend: More information will be coming regarding the process for cell phone reimbursements which take place in October.
  • Direct Deposit of an expense reimbursement is automatic when you sign up for Payroll direct deposit. If you have previously signed up for direct deposit for payroll, we will use the same information to set up your direct deposit for your travel reimbursement. Please email ap@aea267.k12.ia.us (accounts payable) if you would prefer a paper expense reimbursement check.
  • AEA 267 supplies must be purchased using a purchase order or p-card/credit card.  AEA supplies purchased with your own resources are not reimbursable.

Questions may directed to your administrative support secretary or ap@aea267.k12.ia.us (accounts payable in the Business Office)


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