Upcoming van delivery changes

As you may know, staff members in our Information & Technology service area have been reviewing three and five year trends in how we deliver materials to the classroom. Physical delivery of materials has gone down 39% in the past five years; with a total of 90,000 items shipped from the lending library last year. Two million items were accessed or downloaded electronically this past year, which is an increase of 43% in the last three years.

Given the undeniable trend toward digital delivery of classroom materials, it has become apparent that we could better serve our schools by spending more resources on enhancing digital services and fewer resources on van delivery by moving to weekly physical delivery of materials. Thus, beginning the week of October 21, AEA 267 will move to once a week van delivery to our school buildings.

The new van delivery schedules for our school buildings have been posted to our GetMedia web page.

Two school districts have exceptions to the once-a-week delivery. The Cedar Falls CSD has a contract with our print/production services that requires a daily pick-up of materials and the Waterloo CSD buildings will receive media items 3 times a week.

For more information about this transition, or to provide feedback, please contact Dr. Jerry Schnabel, AEA 267 Director of Information & Technology.

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