Use the iVisions portal to access salary and benefits information

Hopefully at this point, most staff are having success in navigating the iVisions portal for their Human Resources and Business Office needs. One thing you may have noticed is that the system does not send an automated message reminding you that your salary has been deposited each month. However, this information, and much more, is available anytime to you with just a few clicks. Once logged in to the portal, use the “My Compensation” menu to access your most current pay stub, calendar year, W2 information, total compensation, and tax withholding forms. (Please be sure your current address is entered in the system for W-2 mailings! You can update this information using the “My Personal Information” menu.) Interested in knowing whether your expense claim has been paid? Simply go to the My Toolbox>Expense Reimbursements>Navigate to the Expense Reimbursement. Then click the “apply” button to view the reimbursement history.

Please contact Sarah Brown if you need further assistance. Thanks for your patience as we all learn the ins and outs of iVisions!

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