Customer Feedback Survey results remain high

The results of the 2014 AEA/DE Customer Feedback Survey (CFS) are in. This year, over 1,300 educators participated in the survey which provides us with snapshot in time regarding how educators feel about AEA 267 services. Overall, satisfaction rates remained very high, down only slightly in a handful of categories, and up slightly in a handful of others when compared to last year. Because ‘Not Applicable’ is an option for those who take the survey, and because N/A’s do not count toward any category, perhaps an even better measure of results is to look at the percent that ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree.’ In the majority of the 12 areas of the survey that percentage is less than 10%, and the highest level of ‘strongly disagree/disagree’ is 15.2%, with the next highest at 11.2%.

Overall this is a ringing endorsement of 267 services, and it is your hard work and accomplishments that have keep ratings consistently high through some challenging years of drastic resource cuts!  Take a look at the results in this matrix which shows the results over the past six years.

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