Helpful reminders for submitting leave requests

Please review these helpful reminders regarding submitting leave requests in the iVisions portal.

Instructions for Submitting a Leave Request in the IVisions Portal:

  1. Go to the AEA 267 home page > Click Staff > Click Portal
  2. Click the “login” button on the right side of the page
  3. Enter your universal ID (same login information as your AEA 267 email). The first time you log in, you will be asked to register in the system by entering in the last 4 digits of your SSN, home zip code, and date of birth. Click Register. Once your name and address appear, click Link.
  4. Click on the My Leave menu option
  5. Click “Add Request” to submit a new absence request.
  6. Fill in the information fields for the type of leave, units (hours), specific use, date, times, and any applicable notes.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. The request will be time-stamped and sent to your supervisor.

Leave Guidelines

  • Consult with your building principal/line administrator regarding procedures on reporting absences. You must contact your supervisor in the event of a same-day absence.
  • Leave is calculated by units of hours.  (Ex: A 1.0 FTE 8-hour employee has 16 hours of personal leave time available; a 7-hour employee has 14 hours of personal leave time available).
  • The minimum leave time request is 1 hour (unit). Increments less than 1 day must be submitted in whole hourly units.
  • Using the My Leave menu option, you may modify or cancel a request in IVisions. Click on Modify or Cancel at the bottom of the page and follow along.  After approval, the modification is posted to your total by Human Resources.
  • By clicking on the magnifying glass next to each type of leave (sick/personal/vacation), you can see further leave posting details.
  • Subtract pending approvals from the “Available” balance to get a true available leave balance.
  • Medical Emergency requests require an explanation to Human Resources.
  • Doctor’s notes are required for any absence exceeding 6 days.
  • Unpaid leave must be authorized by Human Resources.
  • Hourly employees: IVisions leave requests are transferred to the TimeClock Plus system on a weekly basis. Thus, leave requests cannot overlap weeks (i.e. Friday & the following Monday). If your leave occurs within a two week span, you will need to submit two leave requests. All leave requests should be requested in advance if possible. If a request in advance is not possible, the request must be submitted within 24-hours of the return to work. All leave requests are final once they have been transferred to TimeClock Plus (generally the Tuesday following the pay week). If your leave request is not approved and posted by the time leaves are transferred to TimeClock Plus (Tuesdays), you will be deducted those hours. For extended absences, work with your supervisor on submitting your leave time.
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