Welcome Class of 2014!

Nearly 40 new AEA 267 staff members took part in this year’s New Employee Orientation which was held on August 8 at the AEA 267 Cedar Falls Conference Center. Dr. Roark Horn and Kathy Enslin, along with other central office support representatives, helped welcome new team members and orient them to the agency and our work.

All of us remember what it was like to be “new” to the organization. As you go about your daily work, please reach out to any of the following new staff members you may come in contact with and help them to become better acquainted with the agency.

  • Whitney Aldrich, Teacher of Mental Disabilities/Severe & Profound (River Hills)
  • Jason Andersen, Teacher of Behavior Disorders (Pinecrest Center)
  • Jennifer Anderson, Special Education Consultant (East Sector)
  • Elizabeth Ascherl, Speech-Language Pathologist (NW Sector)
  • Jeromiah Bliss, Teacher of Behavior Disorders (Bremwood)
  • Wendi Coen-Ward, Sector Administrative Secretary (Charles City)
  • Stephanie Collins, Special Education Consultant (South Sector)
  • Michelle Cowell, Instructional Technology Consultant (Cedar Falls)
  • Suzie (Doris) Cuellar, Educational Assistant (State Training School)
  • James Fineran, Teacher of Mental Disabilities/Severe & Profound (River Hills)
  • Patricia Foster, Consultant for Reading/Language Arts (Cedar Falls)
  • Brooke Foster, Educational Assistant (River Hills)
  • Kelly Gallagher, Consultant for School Improvement (Cedar Falls)
  • Kara Graves, Detention Center Teacher (Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center)
  • Shannon Graves, Educational Assistant (Pinecrest Center)
  • Michelle Haberman, Early Childhood Consultant (Clear Lake)
  • Christopher Hamilton, Art Teacher (Bremwood)
  • Angela Harvey, Audiologist (Clear Lake)
  • Molly Johansen, School Psychologist (NW Sector)
  • Jeremiah Johnson, Math Teacher (Bremwood)
  • Jodie Klatt, Teacher of Behavior Disorders (Pinecrest Center)
  • Jennifer Kluesner, Educational Assistant (Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center)
  • Hannah Korcuska, School Psychologist (East Sector)
  • Ann Lasher, Special Education Consultant (NE Sector)
  • Jenna Nasheim, Physical Therapist (NW Sector)
  • Sara Nickel, Consultant for School Improvement (Marshalltown)
  • Sara O’Brien, Audiologist (Cedar Falls)
  • Audrey Putz, School Social Worker (East Sector)
  • Corey Rogers, Consultant for School Improvement (Cedar Falls)
  • Alayna Schutte, Assessment Intern (Cedar Falls)
  • Jessica Sexe, Speech-Language Pathologist (South Sector)
  • Kara Slagle, Speech-Language Pathologist (South Sector)
  • JR (Scott) Trembly, Special Education Technology Specialist (Cedar Falls)
  • Craig Tubbs, Educational Assistant (Pinecrest Center)
  • David Valdez, Physical Education Teacher (River Hills)
  • Diane Volkman, Special Education Consultant (South Sector)
  • Jennifer Waterman, School Psychologist (NE Sector)
  • Kami Wenzel, School Psychologist (NW Sector)
  • Sara Wiley, Speech-Language Pathologist (NW Sector)
  • Amy Williams, Technology Services Coordinator (Marshalltown)
  • Dawn Williams, Special Education Consultant (NW Sector)
  • Blake Yanda, Educational Assistant (Bremwood)
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