A reminder about email scams

 An email is going around with the subject “URGENT AND IMPORTANT” and asks you to click on a link. This is a “phishing” scam that pretends to give you a link to a Google document, but in reality it is a link that sends you to a fake Google Site that asks you to enter your email address and email password (claiming you need to login with your account credentials in order to “access Google Drive” to “see the document”).

What really happens, is that you unknowingly give away your account username and password, allowing scammers to simply login and take over your account, sending further email (phishing for more accounts) to everyone in your account’s contact list/address book.

Phishing scams sometimes appear to come from someone you know, or from a reputable business, such as a bank, PayPal, Ebay etc. AEA 267 takes measures to block such email, but our most important line of defense is you, so if an email asks for a username or password, or just doesn’t seem right, it most likely is not. Simply deleting it and not clicking on the link is the most prudent action you can take. If you are unsure of the authenticity of the email but think it may be legitimate, contact the sender and ask them if they sent it. If you think you may have given away your account credentials, please notify our AEA technology staff and change your account password right away.

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