New meeting agenda and minutes template for agency use

Do you lead or facilitate an internal meeting? Last month, the all-agency Leadership Team approved an official Meeting Agenda & Minutes template for use agency-wide. Please use this template for building agendas and maintaining minutes whenever you work with an AEA 267 team. Simply click “use this template” and Google will make a copy of the template and place it in your Google Drive. From there, you can rename it and begin making changes for your specific group. (Tips: 1. Choose a logical naming protocol such as “Special Education Administrators” vs. “Agenda” when renaming your document; and 2. If you have not used the bookmark function in Google, you may want to contact  Beth Strike for help.)

A critically important aspect of the template is the column related to communicating the decisions made during the meeting. Please do not shortchange this step as you facilitate meetings! Feel free to rate the template or email Beth with your feedback!

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