Search for new Chief Administrator begins

Dr. Debra Rich, AEA 267 Board President

Dr. Debra Rich, AEA 267 Board President

As part of their February board meeting, the AEA 267 Board of Directors engaged the services of G. Tryon & Associates, a professional search firm based out of Des Moines, to lead the search for a replacement for Dr. Horn. The board established a rigorous timeline for the process, with the expectation of securing a new leader by April 8 (to officially begin work July 1). Staff will be invited to serve on focus groups to assist the board in the final stages of selection.

“The board takes this process very seriously,” said Dr. Deb Rich, AEA 267 Board President. “Given the reputation of the agency, we are confident that we will have many talented candidates to choose from.”

Updates on the process will be provided monthly via Intersections.

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