Farewell from our chief

Dr. Roark Horn

Dr. Roark Horn

It is with a great amount of mixed feeling that I sign off on our times together working for this great organization. On the one hand, and selfishly, I am sad to be leaving AEA 267 as I have very much enjoyed working with you on behalf of the wonderful children we serve, and I admire so much all that you do to help them, their families, and the districts that serve them. On the other hand, I feel like I am leaving an agency that has overcome many major obstacles and, through your tremendous effort, has come out the other side somehow even better than before. I am also very excited about your new chief administrator! As I have gotten to know Sam through various orientation activities over the last several months I have become even more impressed with the talents, skills, abilities, and leadership that he brings to you. And that is saying a lot, because I was already an admirer and a huge fan of his work prior to his getting this job. He rose to the top of what may be inarguably one of the most competitive processes in the history of Iowa educational leadership (and I am depending on our years together for you to know that I am not given to over-exaggeration), and you will see why as soon as you get a chance to meet him and work with him. All that we have done together over the last five years will continue to move forward on a great trajectory, because that is who you are, and that is who he is – the perfect union at the perfect place at the perfect time. Oh, and it should not surprise you that the process was so competitive, as your reputation across the state is what attracted that great field of applicants! I will look forward to continue to serving you and the whole AEA system from my new role – I think having a strong advocate for the AEAs at SAI can and will continue to enhance the opportunities we get to have to help children. So … you may have noticed that I never say goodbye in our conversations. It is always “see you later” or “see you soon,” because this is not really goodbye – it truly is ‘until we meet again.”

See you later,



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