Class of 2015: New staff members join AEA 267

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Nearly 55 new AEA 267 staff members took part in this year’s New Employee Orientation which was held on August 10 at the AEA 267 Cedar Falls Conference Center. Sam Miller and Kathy Enslin, along with other central office support representatives, helped welcome new team members and orient them to the agency and our work.

All of us remember what it was like to be “new” to the organization. As you go about your daily work, please reach out to any of the following new staff members you may come in contact with and help them to become better acquainted with the agency:

  • Briana Backer, SLP-Northeast Sector
  • Kathy Barfels, Admin Secy-HR/Receptionist-Cedar Falls
  • Taylor Baumgartner, Assessment Intern-Cedar Falls
  • Melissa Blohm, Consultant for Reading/Lang Arts-Cedar Falls
  • Jay Boens, Ed Asst-Pinecrest
  • Allison Burchland, Sp Ed Consultant-South Sector
  • Marie Butenhoff, Sp Ed Secretary-Marshalltown
  • Megan Cole, Teacher of Behavior Disorders-Pinecrest
  • Angie Condon, Early Childhood Sp Educator-Marshalltown
  • Holli Counsell, Early Childhood Sp Educator-East Sector
  • Anna Crenshaw, Teacher of Hearing Imp-Cedar Falls
  • Sydney DeMaris, SLP-Northwest Sector
  • Carrie Downs, Sp Ed Consultant-South Sector
  • Jamie Granzow, Ed Asst-Central IA Juvenile Detention Center
  • Courtney Gross, Ed Asst-River Hills
  • Leigh Ann Hansen, SLP
  • Patricia Heisterkamp, School Social Worker-East Sector
  • Phil Hendricks, Web Developer/Designer I-Cedar Falls
  • Krysta Hofler, Ed Asst-Pinecrest
  • Rebecca Jenkins, SLP-NE Sector
  • Kristy Johnson, Ed Asst-River Hills
  • Lora Kester, Cons for Reading/Language Arts-Marshalltown
  • Heidi Knoblock, Sp Ed Secretary-Grinnell
  • Kristi Krmpotich, Sp Ed Consultant-Northwest Sector
  • Kristin Langman, Clerk-Tech Library-Marshalltown
  • Lisa Litterer, OT-Northwest Sector
  • Kelcy Madison, Audiometrist-Marshalltown
  • Alison March, PT-Northwest Sector
  • Paul McNamara, Ed Asst/Intervention Spec-Bremwood
  • Julie Miller, Sp Ed Consultant-East Sector
  • Christina Smock, Assessment Intern-Cedar Falls
  • Katherine Owen, Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing-Cedar Falls
  • Anna Phalen, Early Childhood Sp Educator-East Sector
  • Sara Phillips, Ed Asst-River Hills
  • Amber Post, OT-Northeast Sector
  • Jennifer Poulter, Ed Asst-Pinecrest
  • Katie Reed, Early Childhood Sp Educator-East Sector
  • Dustin Reese, School Psychologist-Northwest Sector
  • Rebecca Rother, Teacher of Behavior Disorders-Pinecrest
  • Amanda Sanderman, Science Consultant-Cedar Falls
  • Jennifer Schmitt, Sp Ed Consultant-Northwest Sector
  • Ellen Schulz, SLP, South Sector
  • Amy Sehi, SLP-Northwest Sector
  • Angela Sorensen, Admin Asst for Assess/Comp Imprv-Cedar Falls
  • Karen Springer, Early Childhood Sp Educator-Northwest Sector
  • Brenda Streets, Clerk-Tech Library-Marshalltown
  • Nicole Stucker, SLP-South Sector
  • Dawn Swehla, Sp Ed Consultant-Northeast & East Sectors
  • Cari Teske, Integrated Learning Specialist-Cedar Falls
  • Larissa Treloar, SLP-Northeast Sector
  • Andrew Voss, Teacher of Mental Disabilities S&P-River Hills
  • Sarah Wessels, Sp Ed Consultant-Northwest Sector
  • Sara Youngblut, COTA-NE Sector
  • Tiffany Zilka, School Psychologist-Northeast Sector
  • Jennifer Zitelman, COTA-East Sector
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