Congratulating our latest AEA 267 Hall of Fame award winners

February Hall of Fame winners






The AEA 267 “Hall of Fame” recognition program honors one or more individuals  who do a great job demonstrating what our Core Operating Principles look like in action.

Do you work with someone you consider to be the best-of-the-best?  Submit your nominations for the the AEA 267 “Hall of Fame” recognition program. All nominations will remain on file for consideration during future months.

Please join us in congratulating Amy Harmsen, Amy Thoms-Starr, and Rick Pearce, our latest honorees!

  • Amy Harmsen, AEA 267 Technology Services Coordinator, is based out of our Marshalltown Office and earned her degrees from Iowa State University. Previously, Amy worked in professional video production, collaborating with academic professionals to create online learning videos and modules. Amy then realized her passion for education was actually in K-12 and joined AEA 267 in her current position.

Amy’s day to day work is a blend of applying her knowledge of technology to troubleshoot issues that arise in districts and in our agency. Her focus is on encouraging schools to use technology to equip learners with skills necessary to advocate for themselves and others, to inspire educators to re-imagine teaching and learning, and to motivate schools to adopt effective and secure technology.

Amy believes it is very important that anyone working in education keeps in perspective that the goal is always to foster environments that prepare students to go on to be the best version of themselves.

  • Amy Thoms-Starr, AEA 267 Special Education Consultant, serves at Rock Run Elementary in Iowa Falls and earned her degrees from UNI. Prior to joining AEA 267, she taught six years in the Waterloo School Community School District as an elementary special education teacher.  

Along with her consultant position, Amy serves as a member of the Brain Injury Resource Team, is a resolution facilitator, provides professional development, and served as a compliance coach. Her days are diverse and afford her the opportunity to serve in many capacities.

Amy told us she strives to remain student focused as it helps her find value in all tasks and remain optimistic about our youth.

  • Rick Pearce, AEA 267 Lead Maintenance, works in our Clear Lake Office and began working for the AEA system in 1975, first with the Joint County system and later Northern Trails AEA. He spent the first 31 years in the Print Production department before moving into his current position in 2006.

Rick’s position with the agency calls on him to handle a variety of situations. He is responsible for all maintenance issues in the Clear Lake Office and on the grounds, as well as spearheading major facility projects. Not only does Rick do an awesome job for our agency, but he has also served his community as a firefighter for the past 26 years and as an EMT for 30 years.

When asked what advice he would give to others, Rick said he believes in remaining positive and upbeat. He keeps his job fun and realizes each day that it is never too late to learn something new.

Please join us in congratulating our honorees on the great job they do every day demonstrating what our Core Operating Principles look like in action!

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  1. Marcia Tweeten says:

    Congratulations, Rick! You very much live up to the advice that you give to others in remaining positive and upbeat. You are truly an asset to the Clear Lake office in how you take care of us. THANK YOU for your continued service!

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