Leadership shifts on the horizon to better support integrated services model

Sam Miller, AEA 267 Chief Administrator

Sam Miller, AEA 267 Chief Administrator

A few months ago, we shared our plan to move to a Regional Administrator model of leadership which will purposefully integrate our three service areas and their staff. I’m pleased to announce a few other important changes that will support this approach, along with accompanying shifts in leadership.

Given that Dr. Jerry Schnabel, Director of Information Technology, will assume a greater role in the integration of services, it made sense to shift his focus from some components of his current work such as technology infrastructure and print and production. Beginning July 1, our new Assistant Chief Administrator/Director of Human Resources, Karl Kurt, will begin oversight of our technology staff who work primarily with tech infrastructure (hardware, servers, etc.). This is a good fit with Karl’s role as these services are really better aligned with central administration than any one service area. In addition to leading the Human Resources department and technology infrastructure, Karl will also be overseeing our maintenance staff to ensure consistency and uniformity in all of our AEA 267 sites.

Beth Strike’s role is changing to bring together all aspects of agency communication including print and production, the agency website, and video production to establish a new department known as “Creative Services.” The vision is to package and streamline these services in ways that bring added value to both our schools and the internal customers in the agency. Beth will be leaving her role as Site Superintendent in the Clear Lake Office and Jerry Schnabel will step in to provide oversight of the building, splitting his time between Clear Lake and Cedar Falls. In addition to focusing on integration and the Clear Lake Site Superintendent role, Jerry will also maintain oversight of the Media portion of Info Tech.

For many of you, these changes likely present little impact on your daily work. Still, I wanted you to feel informed. As always, feel free to drop me an email, stop by, text or call anytime you have questions, concerns or just want to talk through the organizational changes we are in the midst of. I would welcome the opportunity to talk through my vision (and yours!) as we walk this journey together.

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