Class of 2016: New staff members join AEA 267

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class of 2016 - 2Twenty-five new AEA 267 staff members took part in this year’s New Employee Orientation which was held on August 8 at the AEA 267 Cedar Falls Conference Center. Sam Miller and Karl Kurt, along with other central office support representatives, helped welcome new team members and orient them to the agency and our work.

All of us remember what it was like to be “new” to the organization. As you go about your daily work, please reach out to any of the following new staff members you may come in contact with and help them to become better acquainted with the agency:

Amy Ball, Itinerant Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hrg

Paula Bennet, Consultant for Reading/Lang Arts

Kirstey Ewald, Consultant for School Improvement

Pam Freeseman, Mental disabilities Severe and Profound Teacher

Sherri Gabbard, Mental disabilities Severe and Profound Teacher

Cortney Gilson, School Psychologist

Kaylee Greiner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Alice Hibma, Occupational Therapist

Amanda Huisman, Speech-Language Pathologist

Brena Huber, School Psychologist

Lindsey Humpal, Early Childhood Special Educator

Justin Miller, Special Ed Consultant

Thad Peck, Physical Education Teacher

Laura Ramaekers, School Psychologist

Jennifer Schilling, Consultant for Math

Cortney Schneiderman, Speech-Language Pathologist

Ashley Sires, Special Ed Consultant

Bill Soesbe, Consultant for School Improvement

Kayla Wood, School Psychologist

Nicole Wroe, Speech-Language Pathologist

Karin Leveke, Assessment Intern

Natalie Derifield, SLP-Assistant

Joyce Hickman, Educational Assistant

Theresa Jones, Educational Assistant

Janice Lively, Audiometrist

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