Highlights of the all-staff meeting

Thank you to each of you for your attendance at the all-staff meeting this week! The meeting presented a great opportunity to learn and grow together as well as reconnect with colleagues. As promised, here is some important information to share in follow up:

  • Replace the Lace  During the All Staff Kickoff meeting we heard from Michelle Ernsdorff, the founder of Compass to Care. Compass to Care is an organization that raises money for families to pay for travel expenses incurred during their children’s cancer treatments. Compass to Care is conducting the Replace the Lace campaign to raise awareness of childhood cancer by offering gold shoelaces. Many of our staff showed an interest in purchasing these shoelaces and in order to save on shipping and handling costs, staff can order as a group. Simply bring a cash payment of $5.25 per pair to the following designated people by August 29: Cedar Falls: Kathy Barfels, Clear Lake: Donna Perry, Marshalltown: Sandee Gavagan & River Hills: Joan Coffin. What a great way to rally around an important cause in the spirit of Eat, Move, Sleep!
  • Photos from the day can be found in this Google folder! Simply click on one photo and “arrow” through the collection. A huge thank you to Tiffany Schmitt for her photography skills.
  • Finally, you may not have noticed but during the 8:30-9 a.m. time frame, we shared some images on the screen while you were getting seated. Many thanks to Harsha Jayawardena (husband of AEA 267 board member, Darshini Jayawardena) for providing us with the rights to show his original photography.
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