SWIVL device for video recording now available in media center

The AEA 267 media center has a new video recording device available called the SWIVL that staff can use to record instructional content such as presentations or trainings.

The SWIVL is essentially a robotic mount that can hook up to a variety of tablets and smartphones. The kits available for checkout do not come with a tablet or smartphone so staff members must have access to one and be able to download the SWIVL App to their device. The app accesses the camera on your tablet or phone to record video content while the robotic platform holding your device “swivels” back and forth to track the movements of whichever individual is wearing the kit’s tracking “marker” around their neck.  From the app you can then easily upload your recorded clips to the internet.

Currently SWIVL kits are available for checkout only by AEA 267 staff intending to capture video for instructional uses.  The media center has six devices available.  Just contact any AEA 267 media center location to request and reserve a kit.  Also, please keep in mind that you may need to have individuals you’re recording fill out an AEA 267 media release form which is available on the staff website under Communication & Technology> “Digital Resources.”  If you have questions or need copies of the media release please contact Tiffany Schmitt. Also, please be mindful of copyright when considering your subject matter. This resource (also on the staff website) should be reviewed in advance.

Included in each kit is an instructional booklet to walk you through the process of setup and usage.  For further information and training on how to use the SWIVL, staff are encouraged to contact either Sarah Lalk or Cari Teske.

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