Pack your bags, we are moving soon!

moving boxes

Renovation work is occurring at a rapid pace at our new Cedar Falls-based Central Rivers AEA home at 1521 Technology Parkway. The estimated deadline for substantial completion of both the upstairs and downstairs is June 19. Based on this information, we are tentatively scheduling the move for the majority of Cedar Falls-based staff to begin on June 26. Creative Services and Professional Learning departments will move in August as the print room, garage and elevator areas will take longer to complete. Please note that professional learning classes will be held at our current location at 3712 Cedar Heights Drive through July.

For employees whose contract work will be completed prior to the start of the move-in timeline, please make the following preparations:

  • Try and secure boxes to help facilitate the move. ┬áIf you need boxes please contact Gus Delamore as he may have a few available.
  • Please determine what will be making the move with you. (A reminder for those without designated space, your personal items will need to be taken home.)
  • Box up those items and label with your full name (last name, first name). Leave your boxes in your work area.
  • Our custodial crew will move the boxes to an unfinished area at 1521 Technology Parkway and sort them so that when you return for the new school year, you can access your materials.
  • For those employees who work year around, we will provide details and a schedule closer to the actual completion date, once the move can be officially scheduled.

Questions? Contact Gus Delamore or Karl Kurt.

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