Clarification regarding working on holiday, office closed days

As many of you are aware, the Central Rivers AEA office calendar recognizes many important holidays throughout the year. We recognize that our districts each follow a unique school calendar that may or may not align with our office calendar.  That being said, we request that all staff honor the AEA holidays/office closed days.

In the event a district specifically requests our staff to attend or provide district led activities or services, staff have the personal choice to participate and/or deliver those district directed services.  Events cannot be held at any of our closed offices. Any requests for office or remote office work will be denied on closed days.  Regional Administrators will oversee work being carried out on office closed days to ensure it is purposeful, serves our LEA partners, and aligns with Agency Procedures.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.  Further questions or clarifications should be directed to your regional administrator or direct line supervisor.

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