Current mileage policy remains

Mileage Transportation Road Fuel Efficient Driving Better Travel 3d IllustrationAs you know, a committee comprised of staff and administration developed a proposal over the last several months to address concerns with our current mileage policy. While the proposal had merit in addressing some of the issues, continued conversations among administration, staff and board have caused the Business Office to rethink implementation for the 2018-19 year. Thus, the current mileage policy will remain in effect with no change.

Thank you to everyone who participated on the mileage committee, had one-on-one conversations with administrators about individual situations, or shared their thoughts and ideas for improvement in some way. We appreciate your input and participation in the process!

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2 Responses to Current mileage policy remains

  1. Rob Hirst says:

    Who were the members of the “Mileage Committee”?

  2. Beth Strike says:

    The mileage committee consisted of:
    Karen Aldrich, Angela Sorenson, Marcia Brolsma, Cari Teske, Amy Sehi, Jennifer Davis, Kelsey Baker, Barb Schroeder, Cindi Helgeson, Shandra Meyer, Jaime Harris, Sara Harnack, Shyla Bagge, Melissa Hesner, Marc Groen, and Dawn Kruger.

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