Opportunities to learn more about MTSS for Positive Well-Being

Supporting schools in the areas of social-emotional learning, behavior, mental health and autism continues to be a high priority for our agency in 2018-2019.  The following are just some of the opportunities and changes you will see for the upcoming school year.

The Lead, Inspire, Innovate Series is presented by experts in education.  We are excited to have Dr. Shannon Suldo, author of Promoting Student Happiness: Positive Psychology Interventions in Schools, and Dr. Nick Yoder, consultant at American Institutes for Research, joining us this year.  Check out our growing list of workshops and courses around the topic of MTSS for Positive Well-Being.

Agency targeted and intensive supports in the areas of challenging behavior, mental health and autism are undergoing restructuring. This restructuring aims to honor the needs in each region, capitalize upon the strengths, knowledge and skills of more staff across a region, and support equitable time for each region to provide targeted and intensive supports.  Separate challenging behavior, mental health, and autism teams will no longer exist.  Instead, each region will identify appropriate staff and mechanisms to meet the needs of schools and students.  The agency MTSS for Positive Well-Being Team will ensure coherence across the agency and provide professional development for regional team members.  The knowledge and experience of our challenging behavior, mental health, and autism team members will be vital to implementing this structure.

If you have questions regarding the MTSS for Positive Well-Being work please feel free to contact:

     Dana Miller 

     Karen Aldrich 

     Jody Alberston 

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